Getting Healthy With My Selfie

Sue SkinneePix Day 1


By Sue Green, co-creator of SkinneePix,

So this week I began a project, I began to get healthy by using my Selfie. My company created an app for Selfies called SkinneePix that allows you to take your picture and then take 5, 10 or 15 pounds off it if you want to. When I took 15 pounds off I was astounded. Not only was it a small amount of “weight”, but I found that I felt like I looked better. And I thought to myself, hey, “I could lose 15 pounds and look like that, not such a big deal.”

Now, I need to lose more than 15 pounds not because someone called me fat or that I feel bad about myself, but because I have reached a point where I want to feel healthier about my body. I need to start treating it better, and the first step is to try and get rid of some of the extra weight I am carrying around.

I have tried just about everything, exercise programs, dieting, bullying, juicing. Nothing ‘s worked because I think I kept concentrating on the large amount of weight I needed to lose. But, what I am finding with the SkinneePix app is that it allows me to think about losing the weight in small, attainable amounts, and it allows me to see my progress, a few pounds at a time. Not concentrating on my body, but on my smiling face.SkinneePix on iPhone image

So, I have begun by taking two pictures of myself with SkinneePix. One picture is at zero pounds taken off and the other is at 15, and I have shared them with friends on Facebook and have them on my phone. No longer am I putting a picture on the fridge taken when I was like 75 lbs. lighter. That just wasn’t motivation for me; it set me up to fail when I messed up and then had to face that picture when I got home.

The SkinneePix app photos help me see that I don’t have to get back to that old weight. I just have to get to a point where I feel healthier. Whether that is 15 lbs, 30, 45, whatever, I will make this journey in 15-pound increments. And when I am having a bad day or bad moment, I will open my phone to that picture and look at my smiling face. There are no packaged meals, or shakes or anything like that. It is “me and my Selfie.” I walk with my phone in one hand with my Selfie pic from my SkinneePix app smiling up at me. Today I walked further than I have walked in a year!

So will this work? I certainly hope so because I want to feel healthier. But I know that how I feel is only up to me. I am not comparing myself to anyone else. I don’t care what society thinks about how I should look. I used to, years ago, but not anymore. Now, I only care about how I feel, and I will decide when to stop or whether to carry on.

What I do know is that I reached this point because of my SkinneePix app, so I will continue to use it and encourage others because I believe it will help, not hurt!

If you want to join me, you can get your own SkinneePix app.

Sue Green is co-creator of SkinneePix app and co-owner of Pretty Smart Women.