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The Marriage Battle: A Family Tradition

by Susan C. Green & Robin J. Phillips
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“Susan Green and Robin Phillips brilliantly use their own family story to connect the dots between the long-ago battles to allow interracial marriages and today’s fight for same-sex marriage equality.”

As a journalist, and the daughter of an interracial couple, I know well how important it is to expose the public to the human story of how lives have been upended by discrimination.”

This is a compelling story of laughter and life, fear and frustration, joy and triumph, a very personal look inside the lives of a family that faced discrimination not once, but twice.”
~ Soledad O’Brien





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Susan Green, creative

I love being creative, looking at something, and figuring out how to tell the story, whether it be about an individual, a company or a product! I look at everything in life as an opportunity, an opportunity to have fun, be creative and find unique ways to make connections. What more could you ask for!  |Getting Healthy with My Selfie 



Robin J. Phillips, strategic

When people talk about me, usually two words come out of their mouths, Smart and Quizzical. At first I was a bit embarrassed by that description, but then I learned to embrace it. I am smart and question everything. That has helped me become a very strategic thinker, often called upon to talk about branding and positioning. So yes I do feel as if I have lived up to the descriptions of my friends, and I am proud of that. Thanks, Guys!