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The Marriage Battle: A Family Tradition



by Susan C. Green & Robin J. Phillips
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“Susan Green and Robin Phillips brilliantly use their own family story to connect the dots between the long-ago battles to allow interracial marriages and today’s fight for same-sex marriage equality.”

As a journalist, and the daughter of an interracial couple, I know well how important it is to expose the public to the human story of how lives have been upended by discrimination.”

This is a compelling story of laughter and life, fear and frustration, joy and triumph, a very personal look inside the lives of a family that faced discrimination not once, but twice.”
~ Soledad O’Brien





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Susan Green, co-founder


I love being creative, looking at something, and figuring out how to tell the story, whether it be about an individual, a company or a product! I look at everything in life as an opportunity, an opportunity to have fun, be creative and find unique ways to make connections. What more could you ask for!  


Robin J. Phillips, co-founder, strategic

Robin and KaiWhen people talk about me, usually two words come out of their mouths, Smart and Quizzical. At first I was a bit embarrassed by that description, but then I learned to embrace it. I am smart and question everything. That’s helped me become a strategic thinker. So yes I do feel as if I have lived up to the descriptions of my friends, and I am proud of that. Thanks, Guys!