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SkinneePix: Healthy selfie

So glad you enjoyed SkinneePix. This app is no longer available. INSPIRATION IN YOUR PHONE! SkinneePix is fun and inspirational. Make your selfies look 5, 10, 15 lbs. healthier. iTunes App Store | More about SkinneePix | More about our developers, Dezapp, Arash Tadayon, 602-824-8819. PRESS REQUESTS:  Please call Tony Felice at 480-567-6890 or e-mail iPhone in-app upgrade now let’s you adjust group SELFIES!


Susan Green, creative

I love being creative, looking at something, and figuring out how to tell the story, whether it be about an individual, a company or a product! I look at everything in life as an opportunity, an opportunity to have fun, be creative and find unique ways to make connections. What more could you ask for!  |  Getting Healthy with My Selfie    10PrettySmartWomenRehab Reclaimed. Refurbished. Restyled. Check out Pretty Smart Women’s furniture rehab. From shabby chic to not too shabby. 

Robin J. Phillips, strategic

When people talk about me, usually two words come out of their mouths, Smart and Quizzical. At first I was a bit embarrassed by that description, but then I learned to embrace it. I am smart and question everything. That has helped me become a very strategic thinker, often called upon to talk about branding and positioning. So yes I do feel as if I have lived up to the descriptions of my friends, and I am proud of that. Thanks, Guys!