BEST PHOTO APPS OF 2014 by USATODAY’s Jefferson Graham:

“SkinneePix, a 99-cent app for Android and IOS, promises to ditch 5 to 15 pounds off your selfie. In our tests, it did the trick, and our subjects approved.”



Best Photo Apps 2014

SKINNEEPIX has been named one of the Best Photo Apps for 2014 by USAToday’s tech writer.

USAToday: The best photo apps of 2014

As soon as SkinneePix was available in the iTunes app store, it attracted a lot of attention. News organizations from around the world wanted to know more about this new photo app. Take a look at some highlights: SkinneePix in the news.

SkinneePix rankings

Q&A: SkinneePix

Who’s behind SkinneePix? What’s all this talk about body image issues? Can SkinneePix help me become more healthy?  What else are you working on?  You got questions? We’ve got answers:
SkinneePix Q&A.


Getting healthy

Pretty Smart Women cofounder Sue Green has taken the SkinneePix Challenge. She’s taken two photos: One at 0 lbs. off and one at 15 lbs. off her present weight. She’s eating right and exercising with that 15 lb. weight loss in mind:
Getting Healthy with My Selfie.

SkinneePix on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon shows off his handsome face on SkinneePix. Click the photo, headline or here to WATCH THE VIDEO


USATODAY: The Best Photo Apps of 2014

THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW: Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay try it out

The Young Turks: The Selfie App Liberals Hate

USATODAY:  Take 15 lbs. off your selfie, by Jefferson Graham

RIGHT THIS MINUTE:  A new app helps you lose pounds

LOS ANGELES TIMES:  New app SkinneePix makes your selfies a little skinnierby Salvador Rodriguez

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: A Selfie That Makes You Look 15 Pounds Lighter (video), with George Stahl

HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Best apps for taking Selfies

12NEW PHOENIX:  Made in Arizona: SkinneePix

AZTECHBEAT: The slimming selfie app made in AZ

THE GUARDIAN: The ugly truth about SkinneePix | RESPONSE FROM ROBIN: ‘I’m one of the creators of SkinneePix.’

AZCENTRAL/ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Phoenix developers’ SkinneePix app slims users’ faces

THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW: Rachael Ray and co-host Bobby Flay tried out SkinneePix during their Good Friday show. We know Bobby Flay is using that app right now.

A Selfie App That Makes You Look 15 lbs. Lighter. Pretty Smart Women co-owners Robin J. Phillips and Sue Green join Wall Street Journal’s Digits to discuss SkinneePix, a new app that allows users to thin the image of their face in a selfie by 5, 10, 15 pounds.

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